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VR - How HP are Transforming Businesses with Virtual Reality

Since May 6th 2019, HP have released their latest virtual reality headsets, the HP Reverb Pro Edition and the Commercial Edition. Both models are almost identical, where the Pro Edition has a removable leather face cushion, the Commercial does not. Today, we will be discussing the Pro Edition, which is priced at $649.00 (€577.43), $50 (€44.50) more than the Commercial Edition.

This latest piece of HP technology comes with an impressive resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 LCD display per eye, in comparison to the HTC Vive which only has 1,440 x 1,600 per eye and the Oculus Rift with a resolution of 1,080 x 1,200 per eye.

Equipped with the same 90 Hz refresh rate as other VR models for a quicker reaction rate when paired with recommended workstation specifications.

With an extended 114 degrees of field of view, you will stun your visual senses with a deeper immersion. 

The Reverb headset comes with two Bluetooth connected motion controllers that give you accurate tracking of hand and arm movements which are already synced, giving you a simplified out-of-box setup.

Compared to other models, the Reverb VR headset is sleeker, smaller and lighter, which not only looks good, but feels good also. Soft, adjustable straps and vents that help keep sweat and heat levels down, allow the user to immerse themselves deeper with a comfortable, longer-lasting session each time. 

They also come with adjustable headphones with built-in spatial audio that can be removed, just in case you feel like using your own. Dual microphones are also present for convenient communication while collaborating. 

Although VR is so commonly connected with the world of gaming, HP are more focused on providing a new platform for enterprise. Creative designers and engineers can immerse themselves into a world where changing aspects of a car or motorcycle can be done in seconds at no cost or changes to the actual real life product. The healthcare industry will now be able to benefit from virtual reality training with the software platform DiSTI, which can give them realistic experiences in a safe environment. From procedures that involve high-risks to practicing for a presentation in front of hundreds of people, the new HP Reverb Pro Edition is the right choice. 

HP have realised the potential of VR gaming and have incorporated that technology using their own competencies to help evolve the way business is conducted. They are not only reinventing virtual reality, but reality itself and it's inevitable that this is the way companies will carry out certain procedures in the future.