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The HP Elite Dragonfly: HP's newest business laptop - blog post image

The HP Elite Dragonfly: HP's newest business laptop

It's not everyday a laptop like the HP Elite Dragonfly comes around, so let's all take a moment to appreciate the work that HP have put into the making and designing of it.

The newest instalment in HP's EliteBook arsenal, the Dragonfly is very much a business laptop, perfect for the professional on-the-move. However this time, HP wanted to try something a little different. Simon Barlow, Business Development Manager for HP, said that they wanted to make something that was a bit more "disruptive and memorable".

It's safe to say that they've succeeded with this new philosophy, as the announcement of the HP Elite Dragonfly has caused quite a stir in the world of tech. Let's take a look at why.

1. The thing weighs less than 1 kilogram. Get next-level mobility with this x360 convertible laptop.

2. The screen comes in at 13.3" with reduced top and side bezels, allowing you to create and view in optimal clarity with the optional 4K UHD HDR screen.

3. It looks amazing. HP have decided to shy away from the usual, boring colours like grey and black that we see on business laptops normally. This laptop comes with an iridescent dragonfly blue finish, hence the name. 

4. HP are setting security standards for business laptops. The Dragonfly is equipped with HP Privacy Camera, HP Sure View and HP Multifactor Authentication.

  • HP Privacy Camera: Never worry about being watched through the webcam again. All you have to do is simply close the camera shutter. 
  • HP Sure View: Never worry about people sitting beside you seeing your work. With the touch of a button, your screen becomes unreadable for everyone around you. 
  • HP Multifactor Authentication: Don't worry about the wrong people gaining access. The HP Elite Dragonfly comes with fingerprint and facial recognition technology. 
5. Sustainable Impact: 50% of this laptop is made from ocean-bound plastics. HP's initiative to help clean up ocean bound plastics from certain places around the world has proven to be a major hit. Not only are they helping to make a difference regarding the environment, they're also creating jobs in communities and helping to boost local economies. 

6. Battery life. Get between 16 and 24 hours of solid work in with either two cell or four cell batteries, and with HP Fast Charge included, you can charge up 50% of it's battery life in just 30 minutes. 

7. Networking: Stay connected on-the-go with this WiFi 6 compatible device. 

It's no doubt that the Dragonfly has been very disruptive before it's release, which is why everyone is excited for the 25th of October, when you can get your very own for approx. €1,225.