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Meraki on Tour Dublin: What's new with Meraki?

Cisco Meraki kicked off their "Meraki on Tour" at Dublin's Guinness Storehouse this week where they announced many new features, innovations and products to their cloud managed IT platform.

Meraki's goal is to simplify powerful technology to free passionate people to focus on their mission. Not only are they striving to continuously simplify their product, but to also make it more secure than ever. Through innovation, Meraki are able to reduce the barrier to entry for powerful expert level IT and give customers the time back to focus on higher value and strategic tasks.

Announcement: Cisco Meraki and Cisco Umbrella will now be integrated under the same license. Yep, that's right. No more separate dashboards. Cisco Umbrella's DNS security platform will be accessible directly within the Meraki dashboard. 

This is a huge step forward as we all know how messy and complicated securing our networks can be. But now that Umbrella and Meraki Wireless, two extremely intuitive platforms have been integrated, obstacles have been taken down for comprehensive security.

New Trends: IoT security. Network admins have experience an exponential increase in the number of devices now connecting to wireless networks. IoT brings many advantages to our industries and organisations but it has also expanded out attack surface. 

Announcement: Securing your wireless network will now be made easier with Identity PSK. This is a new feature that authenticates wireless devices more securely than traditional pre-shared keys. Instead, a unique PSK is correlated with the devices MAC address and is authenticated via a radius server.

Identity PSK will also allow separate group policies to be assigned within a single SSID based on that PSK used. This may sound complicated, but it all boils down to simplified security for IoT devices. 

Announcement: Trusted Access is a new security feature  between Meraki Access Points and new devices. This will simplify the process of assigning policies on mobile devices. Personal devices can now get security access to key resources without the need for an MDM to be installed on that device, e.g. a doctor who travels to different hospitals may need access to patient records.

Announcement: SecureConnect has been introduced to make the deployment of switches and APs a more seamless experience. All you need to do is plug your Meraki AP into a Meraki switch and the dashboard will allow the two devices to authenticate, communicate and automatically configure that AP to your desired settings. This relieves us from manual access point configuration!

Another announcement: Adaptive Policies lets customers group users and devices within networked segments according to their access privileges, making it easier to security, based on the intent and identity of the clients in the network. 

These capabilities are enabled through (another announcement) a brand new Meraki switch, the MS390. This is the most powerful access switch that Meraki have ever come out with which will allow ogranisations using Meraki to apply these adaptive policies and things like security group tags. This new switch comes with a tonne of new advantages which can be found here.

Announcement (again): The announcements are coming in thick and fast as Meraki are introducing enhanced firewall rules for MX. This brings about a new capability to add firewall object groups. Instead of adding firewall rules per IP, a very time-consuming and boring process, object groups allows you to map network entities like telephones, printers and IoT into specific groups and then apply firewall rules. 

This helps to simplify the task of applying firewall rules as well as visualising where those rules are applied. 

These new announcements from Meraki stand true to their mission of simplifying powerful technology while making it securer than ever. What they are doing is giving IT admins the power of executing top-level IT that requires less obstacles, allowing them to focus on more important goals.