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HP Z6 and Z8 - New Powerful Workstation Technology

HP have just taken things to the next level. Seriously.

The computer hardware and software giant has recently brought two new Workstations to the market - the HP Z6 and Z8. If you are a creator working in video editing, machine learning or computer-aided engineering (CAE), these are the products for you.

We're gonna give you the run-down on what each of these extremely powerful computers can do. The cutting-edge technology delivers the ultimate performance for creatives which is powered by Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. With the adoption of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memeory technology, data is moved closer to the CPU, allowing designers, data scientists and artists to accelerate their workflow.

The new HP Workstations will allow creators to bring their work to life more quickly than ever before by delivering a new era of computing architecture. Enabling new technology will eliminate the barrier between memory and storage for high-intensity workflows that are experienced in sectors such as machine learning and VFX.

HP Z6 G4 Workstation: 

  • 8k video editing in real time
  • Two next generation Intel Xeon processors providing up to 48 total processor cores in one system
  • Professional NVIDIA and AMD graphics 
  • 348 GB of memory

This slick powerhouse is equipped with the ability to upgrade over time, allowing the user to scale-up in the future with a broad range of configurations.

HP Z8 G4 Workstation:

The most powerful workstation in the world. 

  • 56 processing cores
  • 3 TB of high-speed memory
  • Capable of running complex 3D simulations
  • Able for demanding VFX workflows
  • Easily handles advanced machine learning algorithms
  • 24 memory slots for massive data sets
  • Certified software such as ANSYS, Autodesk Flame and DaVinci Resolve for better work in less time

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But wait, it gets even better. HP Z Workstations are fully equipped HP's Remote Graphics Software (RGS). In a time where security issues and global production teams are constantly on the rise, HP Z Workstations allow you to work remotely from wherever you are from any Windows, Linux or Mac device. 

Prices for the HP Z6 G4 start at $2,372 (US) and $2,981 (US) for the Z8 G4.