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HP Tech Tools Are Making Hospitals and Clinics a Safer Place

    When you work in a hospital or a clinic there are strict protocols that you must abide by. One of them being to disinfect workspaces and surfaces after use, wear gloves when needed and wash hands on a regular basis to help prevent the spread of germs and diseases amongst staff and patients.

    PCs, keyboards and monitors are a hot spot for germs to gather, especially when they are in use in the vicinity of patients most of the time. If such devices are not cleaned and decontaminated after each use, it's very possible for diseases to spread. One account saw a nurse contract Staphylococcus through a paper cut on her finger as she typed away on her keyboard. This is far from ideal, as she had to be put on an intravenous antibiotic for three weeks.

    Any infection that a patient acquires after receiving treatment for an unrelated condition in a healthcare environment is described as a HAI. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.7 million people contract HAIs every year, and up to 100,000 of these patients can die.

    Richard Lowe, an Associate Research Fellow at Clorox Healthcare has said that with more and more bacteria becoming drug resistant, the best way to prevent HAIs is to "stop them happening in the first place". He also added, "Surface disinfection and hand hygiene are the two main drivers that help prevent the transmissions of pathogens". 

    In a hospital or a clinic-type setting, traditional consumer electronics just won't cut it as they can gather large amounts of pathogens inside cracks, vents and cables by being in such close proximity to patients. Nowadays, there are twice as many devices in hospitals than there was ten years ago which means there is more room for these pathogens to spread, and with devices not being cleaned as thoroughly as they should, they can be potentially life-threatening.

    So why can't we just make sure to clean these devices after each use? Well, it's not as easy as that, because the plastic and other materials used in the productions of these devices are unable to withstand the industrial-strength disinfectant wipes used in healthcare environments. 

    How are HP tackling this issue?

    HP's Healthcare Edition products came about after research had been conducted with healthcare providers who found it difficult to find technology that had been purpose-built for their industry requirements. 

    HP EliteOne G4 800 Healthcare Edition All-in-One PC:


    Be ready for the next patient or user with HPs first AiO that is sanitizable with germicidal wipes every shift, every day, and certified to meet EN/IEC 60601-1-2 technical standards for safety and performance.

    When patient data security is integral to your business, you want HPs most secure and manageable AiO for healthcare with HP Sure Start Gen4

    Be productive in any situation and power through your day with Windows 10 Pro and powerful security, collaboration, and connectivity features from HP.

    Save time electronically prescribing medications with the optional FIPS 201-compliant fingerprint reader, or logging in with the optional IR camera and Windows Hello.

    Make the most of your workspace with the optional sleek, white, IP 65-rated HP USB Keyboard and Mouse Healthcare Edition, which simplify patient data entry and are easy to keep clean.

    HP EliteBook 840 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook:

    Deploy a mobile powerhouse that’s safer, smarter, and secured for healthcare.

    It’s designed for repeatable sanitization and enhanced with single sign-on authentication features, collaboration tools for telemedicine, and optional integrated RFID location tracking.

    Easily and securely log in with a simple badge tap on the optional integrated dual-band RFID reader.

    The world’s most secure PCs help protect your healthcare system and your patients’ most sensitive data with HP security features like Sure Click and Sure View Gen2, an integrated privacy screen.

    Stylish, precision-crafted aluminium design with narrow-border IPS display.

    Sanitizable, Secure and Smart:

    Technology is becoming more and more integrated in everyday workflows, and regardless of what industry, it is vital that these devices are being designed to meet new challenges and industry requirements. Computers in healthcare environments used to need peripherals such as badge readers, fingerprint scanners and webcams which would usually be plugged into USBs or scattered around desk - allowing dangerous pathogens to find a home. Now, HP have built these devices into the germicidal wipe resistant bodies of the Healthcare Edition PCs and clinical review displays.

    This allows clinicians to quickly log in and out of devices, stay up-to-date with new safety requirements for electronic prescribing, and use telemedicine services that meet HIPAA requirements without adding additional external devices that need to be disinfected. 


    The Sure Start feature offers sophisticated antivirus protection built into the device. If malware, rootkits or corruption are detected, the computer self-heals by restoring the most recent unaffected version of the firmware, helping to keep valuable and private patient data secure and safe from the wrong hands.