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HP Sprout - Transforming schools, colleges and libraries

HP, partners of Sord Data Systems, are industry leaders when it comes down to cutting-edge technology. A couple of years ago, they produced something revolutionary - HP Sprout. 

This product allows the user to manipulate the physical and digital worlds and bring them together in so many innovative ways. It is equipped with a PC, hi-res cameras, a durable touch mat and 2D and 3D scanners. 

HP Sprout has so many benefits for so many different reasons. It has changed the way creatives work, by allowing them to merge real-life objects into a digitized form giving them a new platform to create high quality pieces of art, posters, interior design portfolios and simplifying architectural processes. 

Not only is this an excellent product for workers in the creative and design industry, but it is also a great product for learning purposes. Schools, colleges and libraries should take full advantage of this technology, and provide a better end-user experience for patrons of their facilities. With products like HP Sprout on the market, learning and educational facilities should look at how it can improve learning outcomes and how it can prepare students for next-generation careers. 

Unlike traditional computers, HP Sprout gives the user a more hands-on experience that is easy to use and highly efficient. It encourages people to explore immersive technology and active learning across many different subjects. For example:

Engineering: The user is able to create 1/100th scale of any building, structure or vehicle in a STEM lab with 3D scanning before printing the model in 3D.

Art: Digitally customize pottery by changing it's colour or shape by 3D scanning and image editing software. 

English: Retell the story of Macbeth by creating a stop motion video of the play itself. 

Some of HP's customers have given their insight about Sprout:

"Sprout has allowed more individualised learning. It improves students' courage to try new things as they follow their curiosity and imagination".

"I am convinced that giving students the opportunity to use Sprout Pro puts them in a better position to cope with what they encounter outside school".

"The trainers were very thorough and took the time to make sure I truly understood Sprout and what it can offer my students".

For more information on how you can improve you school or library's service with HP Sprout, check out HP's website or just contact us here at Sord Data Systems - all contact info is on our website!