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HP for Healthcare - Boost Efficiency and IT Administration

HP is a company that provides solutions for many different industries. Just last week, Sord Data Systems and HP showcased some of the products that we believe will have a positive impact on the lives of people who work in the construction industry at the Digital Construction Summit. Another industry which has been known to benefit from HP's leading technologies is the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is fast-paced and volatile and in order to keep up with high demands, the correct IT infrastructure must be in place. Steward Healthcare is the largest private hospital operator in the U.S. with up to 37,000 staff members across 10 states and an average of 2 million patients a year, which is why clinicians at the Boston-based hospital group need high-performance laptops to improve quality of care.

As demands grew stronger over time, it became clear that a more mobile option was needed. Employees at Steward needed devices that were lighter, faster and more flexible as everyday work life progressed further from the confines of the hospital walls. The IT team looked at many different options, taking into account that touch screen technology was popular among staff. Some devices such as the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro and some similar HP devices were taken into consideration. However, after extensive evaluation, the HP EliteBook x360 was chosen as it offered the ideal combination of size, performance, reliability and affordability. 

Demands for a Home Care Unit have increased due to ageing patients which made it necessary to adopt a mobile device that is compact and flexible. The Home Care team now use the EliteBook x360 with cellular service to efficiently access patient records, print e-prescriptions and work on-the-go. 

The key feature of the EliteBook x360 is it's ability to bend it into tablet mode, which helps users to optimise their workflows regardless of the situation they may find themselves in. Also, with HP's advancements in cybersecurity across all platforms, they ended up being the clear winner for Steward as they are conscious of patient privacy and the unique needs of medical staff. 

The IT team at Steward chose to work with HP as they consistently deliver high quality, secure and cost-effective devices that meet the needs of medical staff and they plan on paying close attention to HP and their future releases of innovative healthcare solutions.