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How Meraki is changing video security for businesses with Smart Cameras

Cisco Meraki have added to their slick line of smart cameras by unveiling the all-new MV32 recently. This new fisheye camera is super compact, and looks very stylish and subtle in design. Not only is it very aesthetically pleasing on the eye, the technology behind it is sublime. 

A major benefit of this device is that, unlike other security camera models which only record what they are looking at, you will not lose any information as the MV32 monitors everything in its field-of-view. 

It has an 8.4MP sensor and records images in a sharp resolution. But wait, it gets cooler. It is installed with the same leading processor as other MV models which enables advances analytics with object detection through machine learning (which basically means the camera will become smarter over time!) pretty cool huh?

The new MV32 also boasts two cool new features as well. Meraki have introduced Motion Search 2.0 which offers a powerful detection algorithm that has better sensitivity at night time and in low contrast areas. It also comes along with Motion Recap, which uses the information gathered from the recording to produce a motion of activity in a single frame. This is a huge advantage in terms of security, but also if you need to track your own movement to find your misplaced set of keys!

The MV32 will be available to order in May. However, Cisco still have a full range of super-slick smart cameras that you can use for your business today. Not only is the MV range easy to install, use and monitor from any location, it's also changing the way people view their business. For example, the motion heat maps feature let's you know what areas of your café, restaurant, bar or clothing store has the most footfall and who congregates where at what time. These subtle cameras are also able to distinguish between objects, like people for example. Now, business owners are able to find the number of people that came and went on certain days. This might sound a little creepy to some people, but don't worry, all MV products anonymized to ensure the privacy of others. They might be able to detect faces, but they can't put a name to them.

Cisco have been at the forefront of technological advancements and they continue to do so with their MV range. These smart cameras are the future for video security in business, and we can't wait to see what's next in line here at Sord Data Systems. 

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