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How Libraries can Benefit From Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed IT

Without the necessary IT infrastructure in place at a library, IT managers and Systems Administrators may be faced with the difficult task of constant network troubleshooting, day-to-day monitoring of on-site problems and maintenance. This type of centralized IT management, along with poor infrastructure, can result in a large overhead to manage your library service. 

This can lead to lot of system down time, much to the dismay of library patrons and the IT team. With up-to hundreds of people using library network connections and devices at the same time, it's important that libraries are able to provide reliable access to them. With the simple introduction of Cisco Cloud-Managed IT, library users are able to avail of a seamless WiFi experience when logged into. Not only will they be happier with the service provided, IT management will also be able to maintain and troubleshoot problems more effectively and efficiently. By logging onto your Meraki dashboard, you are able to identify issues, monitor them and make changes in real time. 

The big advantage here is being able to control network infrastructure from different areas remotely, simply by logging on and examining data on the Meraki dashboard. This makes troubleshooting less of an ordeal, saves time for other, more important aspects and increases network visibility. 

Another job that can be quite time consuming for library staff is the process of configuring devices such as iPads, Macs, PC's etc. However, this daunting task can be simplified by using Meraki Systems Manager, which allows you to configure and deploy devices through the dashboard before you even need to physically touch the devices. Handy features allow you to allocate different settings depending on the device being used. For example, library user's iPads would have less access to things such as app installation and personal data saving, whereas library staff can configure their devices differently to allow these features. 

Sord Data Systems ensured that the rollout of Cisco Meraki infrastructure went smoothly for the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown LexIcon Library, and ever since it's installation, customer satisfaction has been high. 

"We use the analytics to present data to senior management on how many people use the network, how long their visit lasts, which days of the week are busier, where people are moving around using heat maps, and whether using a Facebook splash page, rather than a library card, to log in to the WiFi is more beneficial" - Tom Mullins, Network Manager, LexIcon Library. 

Here at Sord, we provide a service to libraries so that users are prompted with their Library Card Log-in and PIN/splash page to access the WiFi. We've integrated this into the Meraki infrastructure for DLR. This ensures only the patrons of the library have access to the network. 

If you are interested in learning more about these services and how Sord Data Systems can be of help with deployment, you can attend our Cloud Forum which will be hosted in The Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone on Thursday May 9th. We will be discussing Meraki Cloud-Managed IT, Firewalls, Switching, Security Cameras and everything you need to know to manage daily operations a lot easier. 

So, let us know if you're interested by registering on our website here: https://www.sord.ie/Cisco%202019/cisco-cloud-forum , we look forward to hearing from you.