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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as a Service

Why just backup your data when we can do so much more for you

Sord Data Systems is delighted to announce that we are now offering Datto in our line of products and services. Founded in 2007, Datto has gone on to become the world's leading provider of IT solutions delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Datto believes there is no limit to what small and medium businesses can achieve with the right technology. 

Datto offers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), Networking, Business Management and File Backup and Sync Solutions. It has also created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of partners that provide Datto solutions to half a million businesses across 130 countries. 

Today, we want to talk about Unified Continuity. With Datto, you can apply smart BC/DR solutions to back up content to Datto's secure cloud, letting you easily recover a lost file or an entire business infrastructure within minutes. Datto will offer you peace of mind with a solution that is simple smart and effective and much, much more than a backup system. It prepares customers for disaster and protects them from ransomware all at an affordable price. 

SIRIS: SIRIS offers data back-up, recovery and business continuity for local, virtual and cloud environments, all within a single platform. This is possible by utilizing:

  •  On Premise Storage that can do incremental backups every 5 minutes
  • File and Folder recovery instantly
  • Run your servers in the storage if your servers are offline
  • Run your servers from the Cloud if your office is out of action
  • Check your backups for Ransomware before backup
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery tests - spin up your servers in the cloud

Take a look at the video below which will run you through exactly how SIRIS works: 



ALTO: ALTO is a business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-grade functionality at a small business price.

  • A platform built for small businesses: Recover granular data from multiple points in time, and use Datto Cloud to spin up lost servers, getting back to business in minutes. Easily protect any physical or virtual infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux, and spin up lost servers in minutes in the secure and easy-to-use Datto Cloud, without the need for additional tools. 
  •  Low cost of entry: Ensure low cost and effective data protection with ALTO. Make sure ongoing costs are manageable, by acquiring a powerful technology solution for free with a minimum one year service contract. 

Take a look at the video below which will run you through exactly how ALTO works: 



You can also visit Datto's website by clicking the link here. If you have any questions on how you can incorporate Datto's platform to protect essential business data, email us at sales@sord.ie, or call us on 01 295 7166 and ask for a member of the sales team.