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Cisco NetAcad: Addressing the National Digital Skills Gap

One of Sord Data Systems' partners, Cisco, has begun launching a programme which will set out to provide digital skills training in libraries across Dublin and the rest of Ireland. 

It is quite obvious that there is a digital skills gap within our nation, just like there is in every country in the world. However, as part of Cisco's skills manifesto, they hope to narrow that gap by providing residents free access to courses ranging from the basics to the Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity. 

Digital transformation is happening at an extremely fast rate. Business and lifestyle is becoming more technology-focused than ever before, with 90% of job roles anticipated to be digital in the next 20 years. Cisco Networking Academy realises this, and in order to prepare for the future, they are making digital training available to all, regardless of age, background, or ability.

So, what type of training could my library provide? 

Training is delivered through instructor-led or self-paced training at the following levels:

Exploratory: This is for understanding the basics and encouraging students to gain an interest as well as possibly considering a technology-related career.

Foundational: Beginner and intermediate skills. This helps those participating to better understand what areas they might want to specialise in.

Career-ready: Skills become a little bit more in-depth which are required for entry-level technology employment.

Collaborate for impact: Events will be designed where students can use the skills and knowledge that they have gained in a problem-solving situation. This gives them the hands-on experience that is necessary to succeed in the workplace. 

If you work in a library and you think that this sounds like a great way to get the community involved in something beneficial, you'll be happy to know that you can join NetAcad and become a Cisco Academy. NetAcad courses require little intervention from library staff and the advantages of being able to support the digital inclusion across your community is nothing short of amazing. 

As partners of Cisco, we believe they are doing a great thing for people who may want to improve on the digital skills that they might have missed out on in the past. It is clear to see that the age of digitisation will leave some people stuck in the mud, and Cisco are doing whatever they can to prevent that and to ensure that people are included in all things digital. For more information, visit their website: