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Cisco Meraki for Restaurants? How Applebee's Improved Their Network and Business

It's very important to offer guests Wi-Fi at restaurants nowadays, it's just what they expect you to have. Apple American Group LLC, the largest franchisee of the famous chain of restaurants "Applebee's" already provided Wi-Fi, however, problems arose and it became clear that the service they were using was not feasible.

At the time, they were using consumer grade access points and whenever there was a problem, network administrators would be called out to fix the problem.

It became clear to them that they needed the same network for all locations. This would not only make the configuration of problems easier but it would allow them to monitor and analyse the Wi-Fi users data more effectively and efficiently.

Once the Meraki Access Points (APs) had proven to be the best choice, Applebee's expanded the use of Meraki to other locations outside California.

Managers were able to install the APs without on-site IT administrators as everything is pretty much configured before it's taken out of the box. You just plug it in and start playing. With their new cloud-managed network, IT management are able to monitor the performance of different restaurant networks all from the Meraki dashboard. Pretty impressive right?

All guest traffic goes directly to the internet and Meraki's built in Firewall prevents any of it from accessing the Cardholder Data Environment, which is good to know!

"We're giving our customers the gift of information"

Targeting the right people at the right time has never been easier. You can broadcast time sensitive campaigns to appear on your splash pages at lunch, dinner or late night to advertise specific deals at specific times.

The fun doesn't stop there. Applebee's are planning on futureproofing their business with the help of Meraki by optimizing efficiency through automated services. Handheld tableside ordering and payment will soon be implemented across stores.

Apple American Group LLC has incorporated Cisco Meraki into the majority of their Applebee's franchises. No wonder why, as the benefits are as clear as day.

If you're reading this thinking that maybe your business could benefit from a service like Meraki, don't be shy and get in contact with us! We'll be sure to answer any questions you might have.