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Cisco Meraki - Comments and Reviews



Picture credit: Cisco Meraki

Here's a look at some of the best comments and reviews on Cisco Meraki products and services that we've pulled from the web for you. 



User Case:

"Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Points are being used throughout all 10+ of our different site locations with over 5,000 users a day on the APs combined. Currently we have almost 1 AP in every room due to 30 + devices per room needing Wi-Fi connection. The APs allow us to set up guest sign-on, use air marshal to attack rogue hotspots from students and we are able to turn on different SSIDs to each AP if we need to."


- Cisco AP's are excellent at balancing loads. If there are too many users on one AP, it will kick the user, however, another AP will pick them up.

- The use of Splash pages. Guest user login is required before using the Wi-Fi.

- Remote network monitoring and control. Easily manage your networks from one location and eliminate the hassle of travelling to different sites for inspection.

- Technician in IT, Education Management Company - Source: Trust Radius  


Picture credit: Cisco Meraki


User Case:

"This solution is in place in our main office only and is setup to resolve the issues we had with wireless blackspots with other solutions".


- Simple deployment

- Aesthetically pleasing

- Very easy to manage

- Hight alert notifications when something goes wrong and needs configuration.

- Manager, Architecture and Planning - Source: Trust Radius



What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

"We used Meraki to solve our wireless and physical camera security problems. We wanted to have a central dashboard for all our gear. So now we are not only able to run all the switches and firewall but have added wireless and cameras to the mix. Not only can we manage this from a central dashboard, but you can do it from your phone too! The ease of use of Meraki is really the key to a smooth network flow". -Validated reviewer - Source: G2


If you are in the process of buying Cisco Meraki software for your business, or you're just simply curious, we hope these reviews have helped. If you have any queries about this service, don't hesitate to contact us. Our highly experienced team are always here to help!